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i’m a photographer/artist living in St. Louis, Missouri with my husband and 7 year old daughter. I have two grown sons and four beautiful grandchildren. my life is full.. my cup runneth over.

my journey through the arts began long ago as a dancer. i appreciate art. i appreciate creation... i also have a deep desire not only to connect with people but to cultivate the desire and success of others. i am a realist as well as an emotion driven person. this is why i am drawn to a more journalistic and candid approach with my photography. life is real. life is messy. it is also beautiful and should be captured and preserved.

if i think long and hard, my love of photography began when i was i child. i used to look through and study my father's national geographic magazines... in awe of the amazing photographs. i am still in awe and drawn to their magic. my serious photography journey began only 5 years ago. i wanted to capture better moments of my third child and only daughter so i took an online course. even then it didn’t really click. the “aha moment” took place in 2015 when i joined ClickinMoms and took a Manual Exposure course. and as they say “the rest is history”. 

i would love to document you and your story. you can contact me here for more information.

thank you; i look forward to meeting you. 

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